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Groupe PolyAlto Plastic Ingenuity


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Sponsorship Policies- PolyAlto Group

PolyAlto Group recognizes that a social responsible company must invest itself in different development activities within the community. The engagement and investment community program by PolyAlto Group leans on the will to encourage ingenuity.


Requests for sponsorship or donations must be send by submitting the online form, below.


The following guidance is useful to regulate the selection of causes and social organisations to which PolyAlto Group has planned a philanthropic investmentes. 

  1. The organization’s initiative must be registered on the following sectors and must of all, has to continue the ingenuity vision.
    1. Community
    2. Sustainable development
    3. Education
    4. Health
  2. The organization must serve customers or in an area near one of the two business offices of PolyAlto Group.


  1. PolyAlto Group do not contribute to any political party, neither any fundraising for a party or a candidate;
  2. Social clubs and demands to sustain a particular group or family;
  3. Activities organized for the employee’s entertainment ;
  4. Organizations which encourages racial, social, or religious discrimination;
  5. PolyAlto Group does not encourage religious or cult movement or anyone who promotes it.
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