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Groupe PolyAlto Plastic Ingenuity

Save time and money thanks to snowplough blades

Winter will soon be blowing its first snowflakes and the pleasure of snow clearing will start over again. PolyAlto Group proposes you the perfect solution to extend your snowplough’s lifetime or plough blade and facilitates your work for the next winter storm to come.

In order to allow your plough blade, shovels or any other instrument used to push the snow, so it can easily slide and avoid accumulation, Groupe PolyAlto suggest an installation of UHMW TIVAR 88 on the blade.

This high performance plastic is ultra resistant to abrasion and it helps slippage between your tool and the scrapped surface. As well, in addition to slide easier, the plough blade, custom made and solidly installed, will protect surfaces at each utilisation. No more stripped asphalt or wholes in your bitumen entrance!

Snow amounts contained in your snowplough or shovels will be easier than ever to unload thanks to the non-stick properties of UHMW Tivar 88. 

Even if the wear varies according to the utilisation, it is not uncommon to see a plough blade’s owner be proud to use it during the two or three following winters.

Do not hesitate to contac one of our counsellors in order to have more details about plough blades. You can buy the product and cut it by yourself or you can even ask to have it custom made. 

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