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Mix your colours with the new Colorflow series

Let the cameleon in you take the entire place and make heads turn thanks to the new vehicle wrap of ColorFlow series, from vinyl specialist Avery Dennison.

Available in a five iridescent color palette, those new films have the particularity to adapt the colour based on the angle on which we look at it and on the quantity on light absorbed.

The Fresh Spring color mixes silver and gold, the Roaring Thunder film combines blue and red, the Rising Sun vinyl combines red and gold, the Urban Jungle associates silver and green, while the last shade, Rushing Riptide juxtaposes a blue-green cyan and purple.

In addition to distinguish the visual aspect, new films of ColorFlow series are roughs and easy to handle. The application technology Easy Apply, patented by Avery Dennison, facilitates the installation of glossy vinyl.

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