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Film installation tools and accessories.

Francine Marquis: Conseillière technique pour les solutions graphiques, Groupe PolyAlto

Francine Marquis
Technical Advisor for Graphics Solutions

With a 27-year career in the graphic design industry, including eight years with Groupe PolyAlto, Francine knows Avery Dennison products inside and out and has a true passion for everything to do with digital printing and car wrapping.


Generally, installers develop their own application methods, using “their” favourite tools. But there’s now such a vast choice of application tools and accessories on the market that it can be overwhelming. To help, we put together a list of vital film application accessories to get you started. It’s just a small sample of all that is available. 

Équipements et accessoires pour installation de vinyle


Sac utilitaire à outilsTool belt

A must-have for every installer, tool belts keep all your tools within easy reach. The best belts for the trade, such as the model proposed by Avery Dennison, are designed by professional installers.

Basic white scraper (squeegee)

An affordable white scraper, ideal for small jobs. While it generally only lasts for two uses, it offers the flexibility needed to install fine cut films.

Superior durability scraper

A superior quality nylon scraper, good for more lengthy work. Not only does it last a long time, it can be sharpened. It also reduces the risk of nicks and scratches.

Rigid felt-edged scraper

A rigid nylon scraper with a felt edge. Can be used on all slightly curved surfaces. It never scratches, nor attacks print and specialty film surfaces.

Flexible felt-edged scraper

A flexible scraper with a felt edge. Will not damage more fragile surfaces. Ideal for 3D applications, deep undulations and highly curves surfaces like car pillars and bumpers.

Accessoire Avery Dennison offert chez PolyAlto

Strong magnets

Very helpful at holding graphics in place on a surface, strong magnets make it easier to position visuals than tape. We have several models to choose from.

Gants d'application

Application gloves

Seamless soft cotton gloves are a must. Antistatic, with excellent friction resistance, they help smooth the material over flat surfaces, curves and dips.

Air-release pen

Air-release pens are used to pierce air bubbles trapped under the film. The point is fine, practical and retractable. A very helpful tool!.

Full-handled cutter

A full-handled cutter gives you perfect control when cutting self-adhesive film on larger lengths. Quickly obtain nice straight lines. Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed installers. Has a safety guard and the blades are generally easy to change.

Precision application knife

With its 30° angled blade, this tool is used for finishing work and to cut fine details on curved and smaller surfaces.


At Groupe Polyalto, we have all the tools you need:

  • Knives and other cutting tools
  • Specialized tape
  • Scrapers (squeegees)
  • Flexible applicators
  • Wrap poles
  • Surface preparation products
  • Cutting mats
  • After-care products
  • Film removal tools
  • Sealing tape


For more urgent needs, we have several application tools and accessories in inventory, directly at our locations. Contact us for information.

Everything you need. Really, everything!

Have specific needs? Or want advice on the best tools on the market? Contact our specialists. They will help you find exactly what you need.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about your project or to get more information on our film installation accessories.

Francine Marquis
514-738-0650 poste 3232

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