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Le wrapping d’auto : tout ce que vous devez savoir


Vinyl wrapping films can be installed on all types of vehicles: cars, buses, trucks, boats, etc., with new application constantly being added. Car-wrapping technologies and techniques are always improving, offering increasing flexibility and accessibility. Groupe Polyalto is proud to partner with Avery Dennison, a leader in the development of such products.

Vinyle de type Wrapping: Possibilités infinies


Vehicle wrapping involves applying an adhesive film to part or all of a vehicle. The adhesive film developed by Avery Dennison stretches to perfectly contour any shape, leaving a smooth, clean finish with no imperfections.


Quickly change a vehicle’s colour without having it repainted

A growing number of businesses with a fleet of vehicles use this technique to identify their company, advertise their brand and protect their vehicles’ resale value. Delivery vehicles for restaurants are a good example. Thanks to wrapping, Saint-Hubert BBQ boasts a fleet of identical, easily-recognizable yellow vehicles throughout the province. For car enthusiasts, it’s the ideal way to get a custom colour without a costly paint job.

  • Glossy, semi-glossy, metallic or matte finish
  • Carbon fibre and brushed metal textures
  • Dazzling chromed metal hues
  • Colour-shifting wraps that turn heads

Print visuals

Wrapping can also be used to partially or completely cover a vehicle with printable film. Since it’s relatively new, the industry has only begun to explore the possibilities. Sky’s the limit!

Add the visual you want. The high-definition print quality is truly impressive. The new generation of print films is also more eco-friendly (PVC-free). And why limit yourself to vehicles? Wrapping can be used for:

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Event marketing
  • Commercial spaces
  • Work equipment
  • A fleet of vehicles
  • Wall creations



Wrapping has some considerable advantages. For one, it’s less costly than having the vehicle repainted at a body shop. Wrap vinyls are also quick to install and easy to remove. And most importantly, the original paint is not affected and is even protected.

Endless possibilities

  • Huge range of colours, finishes and textures
  • Print vinyls offer endless ways to be creative

Impressive results

  • Applies in one piece, with no air bubbles or joints
  • High colour quality and graphical definition

Maintains resale value

  • Protects the original paint from swirl marks
  • Protects from external elements (sun, dust, etc.)
  • Outdoor durability, dimensional stability and resistance to humidity


Groupe Polyalto has been one of Avery Dennison’s major partners for nearly 15 years. And not by chance! We chose Avery Dennison for the quality of its products and its drive to continuously improve them.

Key features of Avery Dennison wrapsAvery Dennison

  • 20% quicker to install than all competing products
  • Exceptional durability: up to 6 years on outdoor applications
  • Remarkable and consistent print quality
  • Compatible with UV inks, solvents, ecosolvents and latex
  • Air-evacuation adhesive technology
  • Easy to reposition and slide
  • Seamlessly hugs curves and corners
  • Covered by a performance warrantee
  • Over 100 finishes and colours to choose from

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Groupe Polyalto has been in business for over 40 years. Present in the graphic arts industry from the very start, it is one of the first companies to offer wrap vinyls. Our specialists are very knowledgeable about Avery Dennison products.

They have also worked also with Justin Pate, an internationally-recognized vehicle graphic instructor and installer, for several years to offer training on the latest wrapping information, techniques and business practices. Here, you will find the largest inventory and the most competent technicians in the region.

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Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about your project or to get more information on car and vehicle wrapping.


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