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Groupe PolyAlto Plastic Ingenuity

Spare your equipements, use the plastic Blue Solution

Francine Marquis: Conseillière technique pour les solutions graphiques, Groupe PolyAlto

Michel Bergeron
Conseillier technique

Michel has a wealth of knowledge and experience in plastic solutions.

Groupe Polyalto proposes cost-effective and resistant Blue Solution scraper blades!

Made of a highly resistant plastic, this product protects your machines from abrasion and corrosion, thus extending their useful life. Avoid premature wear and reduce maintenance and repair costs by installing the Blue Solution scraper blade this season.

Our blades also protect infrastructures and landscaping, including sidewalks and Interbloc-paved driveways, from damages and scrapes due to the shock, friction and other inconveniences caused by traditional metal blades. Significantly reduce your infrastructure repair costs with our Blue Solution.

The Blue Solution, Tivar 88 spare your equipment and pavement

Simple to install, easy to maintain, safe and durable

This product is lighter and therefore easier to install than traditional scraper blades. The Blue Solution is a good investment for snow removal companies, as well as dump truck and other heavy machinery owners and operators. Lasting an average of two to three winters, they are easy to maintain with just a jet of water.

Some of Blue Solution's advantages:

  • Abrasion-, chemical- and corrosion-resistant
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Reduces damage during clearing of sidewalks
  • Reduces shock-related damage
  • Fewer friction-caused scrapes
  • Reduces vibration and noise
  • Reduces investments in urban infrastructures
  • Reduces urban infrastructure repairs

High resistance and low coefficient of friction

Scraper blades equiped with the Blue Solution withstand abrasion, chemicals and corrosion. The plastic’s finish does not absorb moisture and, due to its low coefficient of friction, causes snow to slide off without sticking or forming ice on the blades.

The low coefficient of friction also considerably reduces the noise and vibrations caused by friction and shock.

Made to measure

The protective blades are available in the standard four, six and eight inches, but can also be made to measure.

You can request any blade thickness you like, with specific characteristics, or opt for complementary products, which can be drilled, fused or welded.

Other possible product applications:

The blue solution is used for snow plow blades and snow blower wear strips, but can also be used for:

  • Bunker liners
  • Chain conveyor flights
  • Chute liners
  • Conveyor skirting
  • Drag chain conveyor liners
  • Front-end loader bucket liners
  • Off-road truck beds

Excellent price-quality ratio

This product clearly meet your needs, and will save you time and money. All it takes is a quick phone call. We always have this material in stock, ensuring quick delivery of your scraper blades.

Why choose Groupe Polyalto?

Discover the know-how of the specialists at Groupe Polyalto, a Quebec company with over 40 years of plastic sheet, plate and profile distribution experience. We are an expert advisor in the manufacturing and assembly of custom products in eastern Canada.

Our experienced team keeps up with the latest developments in the plastics industry and is attentive to your needs, to offer the best solution for your objectives. Thanks to our huge inventory, you get access to an inexhaustible supply chain and high production capacity, letting you have your components made to measure, onsite.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about your project or to get more information on the different usage for the plastic Blue Solution .

Michel Bergeron
418-847-8311 poste 2325

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