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Groupe PolyAlto Plastic Ingenuity

Groupe PolyAlto is launching GPA Grafik


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The PolyAlto Group is proud to officially launches GPA Grafik, a service dedicated to the world of graphic arts. GPA Grafik is a success partner for professionals with high demands and a need for advanced technical support, for lettering, signage, automotive wrap, printing and signage projects.

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GPA Grafik wants to guide you and bring all your projects to their full potential. For example, finding the right product for a particular application, deploying a new department within your company, upgrading technical or practical knowledge; we will accompany you to achieve your business objectives and achieve your challenges. At your service, a dedicated team on the lookout for the latest trends.

Reach your full potential

Thanks to GPA Grafik, over 120 people have been trained in vehicle wrapping by Justin Pate and Dallas Fowler. A training tailored to you, according to the realities of the Quebec market.

We set up a service of accompaniment and exploration of products in order to make you discover all the possibilities applicable in your daily life. Be more efficient and be more profitable with the right work and sales techniques focused on high quality products tailored to your needs.

The «One stop shop»

We have been working closely with Avery Dennison for over 15 years. This partnership has propelled us to the rank of best seller in Canada, earning us the title of Wrap King.

In an effort of having an offer that represents the market well, we now hold in stock 3 film makers who know how to stand out with their flagship product. Avery Dennison, Hexis and R-Tape are combined in an offer with an infinite spectrum of realization.

We offer a new and complete range of tools to make your job easier. Whether for the various achievements made in your workshop or for car wrapping.

We went to see the market influencers, the manufacturers who invest the most in the development of products and improvement of accessories. We want you to discover their products: Yellotools, Image1 Impact, CableLink Design, ProTools Now, Nt-Cutter, Monkey Strips and many more. We are dedicated to being your one stop shop for all your needs.

Avery DennysonHexisThe Wrap InstituteYellotoolsImage One Impact
R.Tape      NT Cutter        Cablelink          ProToolsNow

The strength of a community

As we all know, no formal training exists in the field. You must be self-taught. This requires you to multiply searches to find answers, the time you could spend with your customers.

We would like to offer, through social media, a meeting point where we can discuss products, answer your questions and give you c market information.

The goal is to have a virtual meeting point, a reference for local or international market trends. A place where you can give life to your project by publishing them, making them shine here, there, everywhere. The world inspires us, it's our turn to show what we can do.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our GPA Grafik Facebook page. Register now, come share your discoveries and find solutions. It is also through this page that we will communicate with you throughout the year and tell you about our meetings and trainings.

Stay tuned for our next communications!

To communicate is to share. Albert Jacquard

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