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LFluoropolymers are made of fluorinated plastic material which is characterized by high resistance to chemicals as well as good thermal stability and low coefficient of friction.


PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) is a copolymer often used for cables insulation in aerospace industry as well as for the flexible hoses and equipment that require excellent chemical resistance.

PFA is a melt processible material used for extrusion, injection or transfer moulding, custom-made pipes or coating for chemical engineering equipment.


  • Premium resin that meets FDA sanitary standards.
  • PFA offers higher mechanical strength and stability at high processing temperatures as well as low coefficient of friction.
  • Excellent crack and stress resistance, high resistance to creep and chemical when extended service is required.
  • Great material for injection and extrusion processes at temperature range from -59 °C to 240 °C (-139 °F to 464 °F).
  • PFA is used in the same types of applications as those for FEP, when higher chemical and thermal resistance are required.

Literature and Data Sheet

PFA Data Sheet – IAPD


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