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Groupe PolyAlto Plastic Ingenuity

Did you know that plastic welding is possible?

Simon Lejour: Conseillier technique, Groupe PolyAlto

Simon Lejour
Conseiller technique/ Technical Advisor

Après 13 années dans l'industrie du plastique, dont 8 avec Groupe PolyAlto, compter sur Simon pour vous guider vers la solution plastique qui offrira les performances optimums pour vos projets.

Did you know that plastic welding is possible?

Plastic welding remains a little known technique and sometimes even underestimated. Polyalto has one of the largest plastic welding capabilities in Canada and masters the most advanced techniques.

Our expertise and the wide range of possibilities that plastics offer, make plastic welding an attractive option for manufacturing, reinforcing and repairing industrial and commercial parts and products.

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Welding is solid and aesthetic

The welding of plastic materials brings a high structural resistance to the product. It is also totally waterproof and extremely durable, since it is not affected by corrosion.

Here is why you can trust the welded plastic.

  • Applied welding techniques, according to the most stringent standards of the world.
  • The know-how developed by Polyalto makes it possible to establish the optimal conditions and to precisely control the quality of the welds.
  • At Polyalto, the composition of plastics is specific and the choice of the technique is adapted according to the type of plastic and the geometry of the parts to be assembled.
  • In addition, plastics offer advantageous properties that neither wood nor metal can match. Plastics are light and malleable. They resist wear and do not rot. They can therefore be used in an environment submerged in water and even in corrosive liquids.


Plastic welding offers many possibilities and a host of benefits. So much for custom products, parts becoming component of your product, or even a piece of plastic that goes into your manufacturing process.

With modern welding methods, there is virtually no limit to the shape you can give to plastic. From conception to completion, and in the most competitive timeframes of the industry. Welding also offers significant savings compared to machining methods that generate a lot of losses. It also allows by repair, rather than replacing a damaged part. Not to mention that the assembly of plastic parts is much simpler than with metal or wood.

Some examples of uses:

  • Basins
  • Tanks
  • Jointing sheets for outsized dimensions


  • Laboratory equipment
  • Storage structure
  • Stand
  • And much more





Supported by more than 45 years of expertise, we have developed a rigorous quality control. We are able to meet multiple needs. Whether for raw industrial products or for commercial applications requiring a particular and very neat finish quality.


Questions? Ask us for advice

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice on everything plastic related. The manufacturing of custom made equipment is highly flexible, fast and accessible.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, to talk about your projects, to get more informations about plastic materials or just to get to know us!

Simon Lejour: 
438 405-8268 ext.: 3230
Quebec city:
Serge Massé: 

418 933-7677 ext.: 2231


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Challenge us!

We can produce, at our facilities in Quebec City and Montreal, large projects requiring significant production capabilities for large quantities.

Our mobile unit will go to your location for welding operations. Our services include installation, manufacturing, repairs and logistical support.


Different type of plastics can be welded


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