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FRP for a water treatment plant


Plastic materials in a wastewater treatment plant

The Fibre Reinforced Plastic for high performance in demanding environments

The modernization and expansion project of wastewater treatment plant in Magog was intended to increase its treatment capacity, to build new water tanks and to replace some structures, including floors and railings.

The replacement of these structures was necessary since the traditional materials used in the construction of the plant were degraded. In wet environment, these materials have offered only very low resistance to corrosion, which greatly reduces their useful life. Meanwhile, the FRP, acronym which means Fibre Reinforced Plastic, is perfectly suitable for these applications.

The many advantages of Fibre Reinforced Polymer are:

  • Lightness
  • Non-skid
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Long service life
  • Non-conductive
  • Toughness
  • Fire retardant
  • Magnetic permeability


A sustainable and safe solution

Fibre Reinforced Plastic was the perfect solution for the replacement of the security guards as well as the structure used as a floor around the wastewater treatment tanks at Magog’s plant.

The FRP has a long service life and a very high corrosion resistance: two important features that traditional materials cannot provide. In such a wet environment, FRP also stands greatly by its anti-skid properties, an important characteristic in terms of safety in the workplace.

In addition, the lightness of the FRP and its ease of installation had a direct impact on the workers as they assemble the security guards and the floor structure.

The FRP is increasingly chosen for renovation and development of workplace projects. Groupe PolyAlto and its experts team can assist you in the integration of performance plastic materials in your operational activities.

The proven effectiveness of FRP

Resistance of Fibre Reinforced Plastic makes it an excellent choice and an alternative to metals. It is widely used in chemical industry, oil industry, but also food processing, processing plants and power plants. The most common applications for FRP are ladders and stairs, walkways, as well as railings. The FRP is readily visible and requires no painting or maintenance.

Performance plastics for all the indutries

Many industries are increasingly using high performance plastics as an alternative to traditional materials. These plastics are performing in wet environments such as water treatment plants. They are durable, require low maintenance and are very safe.                          

  Michel Bergeron, conseiller technique

Michel Bergeron, Technical Advisor

Michel has a wealth of knowledge and experience in plastic solutions.

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