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We would be glad to develop with you a long-term business partnership. In order to facilitate transactions with us, we invite you to open an account today.

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Ouverture de compte

terms and conditions:

  1. Payments. The client agrees to pay any amount owed to GroupePolyAlto Inc. within a period of 30 days from the date of issue of the invoice.
  2. Interests. Any amount owed to GroupePolyAlto Inc. shall bears interest at the rate of 2% per month (24 % per year) as the term specified or shown on invoices from GroupePolyAlto Inc.

  3. Penalty. In the event that the client failed to meet any of its obligations and that GroupePolyAlto Inc. should use the services of a lawyer for the preservation of its rights or to defend them, the client agrees to pay to GroupePolyAlto Inc. an additional amount of 15% of any unpaid balance which remains and would then due as damages and interest.

  4. Address for service. The parties agree that any debate or judicial proceeding relating to the present or to the failure of one or more of the obligations of the parties, if any, shall be established in the judicial district of Quebec and shall be governed by the relevant legislation in the province of Quebec.

  5. Banking information. The customer authorizes its financial institution as well as its suppliers to disclose all information relating to his credit in the context of an application for opening of account or for a credit check.

  6. Copy. The parties agree that the possession of a copy of this form by GroupePolyAlto Inc., completed and signed by a representative of the customer constitutes a proof of liability in the same way as if GroupePolyAlto Inc. held the original.

  7. Personal liability. By completing and signing this form on the behalf of another person or a corporation, the signatory agrees to secure to GroupePolyAltoInc a personal, unlimited and responsible guarantee to the obligations of that person or entity. This commitment covers all obligations of the client, currently due and future, with GroupePolyAlto Inc. The signatory also gives up to invoke every benefit of division and discussion.

In the event which he ceases to perform its function with the client, the signatory agrees to notify GroupePolyAlto Inc. Where appropriate, GroupePolyAlto Inc. may agree to the substitution of the obligation.